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Brief review

Where do your household dollars go? Ncome and Xpense will help you find out. This personal finance program is really quite useful – if you can get past the cluttered interface. Rest assured, though, that the crowded interface can be mastered. Once that’s done, Ncome and Xpense will become a tool that you can’t live without.


After first glancing this program’s interface, you might be inclined the close the program and never open it again. Yes; it’s really that confusing. The problem is that Ncome and Xpense is filled with charts, boxes, colors, lines, and a lot of intimidating areas to fill out. You will have to spend a few minutes figuring out how to use this program – but, there’s a silver lining at the end of this tunnel.

Main Function

After you have gone through how to use the program (Help guide available), you will discover that Ncome and Xpense is actually quite informative. Color-blocked financial specs are a really nice touch. It’s also great that every time you enter any financial details, this program automatically adjusts.

Extra Features

The fact that reports are easily generated is great. It is time consuming to add financial details to this program, but the trouble is worth it in the end.


$24.95 is a great price for Ncome and Xpense. There are much more expensive personal finance program on the market that don’t work nearly as well as this one does. The free 60-day trial offer that comes with this program is limited, but it’s also recommended in case you can’t get past the interface.

Reviewer's rating

Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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